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Currency and prices

As you may already know, Euro is the currency we use in Italy. The way we pronounce its name is rather different from the international one: just to give you an idea – the sound of E is like the one in “better”, the sound of U is like the one in “full”, roll your  R and end with an O that sounds like the one in “bomb”. If in doubt about your pronunciation, support it with funny gestures…we are in Italy, after all!

We still use cash a lot in Viterbo: mind you, it’s quite common to use debit and credit cards in supermarkets, restaurants and in any situation which involves big numbers (think over €100 to be on the safe side); still, for our little, daily purchases cash is still the king. So, if you are thinking about enjoying a good espresso coffee, getting yourself a nice gelato or just buy little souvenirs make sure you have some Euros with you.  All the major shops and restaurants in town usually accept all the major credit cards: still, if you tend to use American Express/Diners only, please ask before shopping/ordering your food.

Spend like a local

As for getting value for the Euros you will spend here, consider that:

  • an espresso will cost you about €1,00 in a bar, €2,00 in a restaurant
  • a pizza will cost you about €9,00 in a restaurant/pizzeria, a bit less if you opt for a take-away
  • a bottle of water will cost you about €0,50 in a supermarket, €2,00 in a bar

Tipping in Viterbo is not mandatory, however it is considered as a nice gesture and a sign of appreciation of your meal. Many restaurants still add “coperto” to your bill: this is a fixed cost that covers for bread and service. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, tips tend to stay within 15% of the total amount of the bill.