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All the public transport in Viterbo and the surrounding areas (namely Bagnaia, San Martino al Cimino, Tobia, Grotte Santo Stefano, Montecalvello, Vallebona, Fastello, Roccalvecce, Sant’Angelo and Monterazzano) is covered by Francigena, a multiservice company operating on behalf of Viterbo’s municipality. There are 12 different routes running during working days (Monday to Friday) and 2 different routes operating during weekends (Saturday and Sunday).


You can use the same ticket on every bus of the Francigena company. Please remember to validate your ticket as soon as you get on board by using the machine inside the bus. Boarding a bus without a ticket or with a non-validated one is considered as an offence and you therefore may be subject to a fine. Tickets are available at any newsagent's or tobacconist's in town.

Single ticket, pre-bought

(free transfer/return within 90 minutes)

Adult/Child/Senior €1,00

Single ticket, bought from driver

(free transfer/return within 90 minutes)

Adult/Child/Senior €1,50

24-hour ticket (B.I.G.)

(personal ticket, flexible start time, valid until midnight of the same day of validation)

Adult/Child/Senior €2,30

Carnet of 11 single pre-bought tickets

(non personal tickets, free transfer/return within 90 minutes for each ticket)

Adult/Child/Senior €10,00 (the 11th ticket is free)

30 days pass

(personal pass, flexible start time, valid until the 30th day from the day of validation)

Adult/Child/Senior €25,00